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Welcome to Party Bugs supplying Soft Play in Benfleet, Canvey, Leigh, Rayleigh, Hadleigh, Southend, Basildon, Laindon and their surrounding areas.

A 5 star service for your under 5's with a personalised touch.







Soft Play is more than just fun! As a baby moves through spaces to play, they learn about surfaces, friction & tactile input (how something feels).


Gross motor skills are needed to climb over, under, around and in between objects in a play space. Soft Play will help to develop these as well as postural control, muscle strength and body awareness. 

Holistic benefits of soft play include the development of imagination, intelligence and language. All whilst having loads of fun.


Play time is essential in a child's brain development and soft play doesn't need to be climbing and sliding all day; it could also be a pretend tea and cake break!

Playing on soft play often gives children the chance to be independent of their parents....or at least give it a try.


Being active during the day means children sleep better at night and sleep is a vital part of a child's development. It's when they do most of their learning, making sense of the day they have had and all the obstacles they have conquered.

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